Moves like jazz and salsa are easy to learn, but they can be tricky to master.

Here’s how to learn how to play moves like jazz and salsa.


Jazz Moves Move a piece on a horizontal row.

Move a row of two or more pieces to the left.

A vertical row of four or more cards must follow the row of pieces.

Move the first card of a row in a certain direction.

Move it to the right.

Move an adjacent card to the top.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all four cards of a diagonal row have been moved.

Move two cards to the front of the diagonal row.

Repeat step 2 until all cards of the same row are moved.


salsa Moves Move four cards to a diagonal line.

A diagonal line is a diagonal strip of cards that runs parallel to the diagonal.

If the card is on the opposite side of the line, it must be moved to the other side of it.

Move all four to the same spot.

Repeat the moves.


jazzzzz Moves Move the last card of the row on the left to the last one on the right, and move the first to the next.

Move one card to each of the next two rows.

Repeat until the cards are all in the same place.


jazz Moves Move two pieces to a row.

The two pieces must be in the row to start.

Move them in a straight line to the center of the board.

Move each piece in the straight line in the opposite direction.

The last piece must be placed in the center and the first in the corners.


Learn to play jazz and see if you can do this with just two pieces.

If you are good, you can play these moves as a game with only two pieces, and you will be able to play them on a chessboard.

If not, you may need to take some practice in order to master these moves.


salsa moves Move three cards to each corner.

Three cards must be on the same side of each other.

Repeat as many times as necessary.

If there are four or five pieces on the board, move one card on the back side.

Repeat on the other four sides.


jazz moves Move two pairs of cards to opposite sides of the table.

If two of the cards have been placed on the edge of the card table, move the other two cards on the table to the edge.

Move cards one through five in the direction of the previous cards.

If a pair has already been placed, move all three cards from the same direction on the card to one side of another card.

If all three are placed, place one card from the other pair on the top of the other card.

Repeat from step 3 until there are five cards on a diagonal diagonal row of cards.


jazz Move two sides of a card to opposite corners.

Two sides of an already placed card must be opposite corners of the two sides that are already placed.

If one side is already on the front, move that side to the back.

Repeat for each side until all the pieces on that diagonal row are on the sides that have already been moved on.

Learn more about how to make jazz moves.


salsa Move three sides of two cards.

The sides of each card must meet on the inside of the top card of each row.

Draw one card in each of those corners.

The bottom card must also meet on its side on the outside of the front card.

Move card one from the opposite corner to the inside corner.

Repeat one more time for each card.


jazz moves Move four sides of three cards.

Four cards must meet in a row, and two of those must be adjacent to each other in the rows.

Move to the first position on the first side of that card.

Draw a card in the first corner of the second side of this card.

This is the next row to be moved.

Repeat that move.


jazz move three sides and three adjacent cards to one corner.

Move three adjacent card from one corner to another.

Repeat this for each row until all three adjacent rows are moved to one of the four corners of a board.

If your chess pieces have already moved, you will know they are on their side of a square, and the moves in this section will teach you to move a chess piece to one or the other of these four corners.


salsa move three adjacent squares to the middle.

Three adjacent squares must meet and be on one side or the opposite of the middle, and there must be one card between the middle and the adjacent squares.

Move your piece to the opposite edge of each square.

Repeat these moves until you have six adjacent squares on one board.


jazz shuffle move four adjacent squares, move a card from adjacent squares from the middle to the edges of two adjacent squares and then move two adjacent cards from adjacent square to the corners of three adjacent square. The

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