Mortal Kameleon moves are the moves that allow players to attack their opponents and use the “Mortal Kombat” moveset in a variety of situations.

But Mortal Kommandos moveset is also a good tool to learn, and this guide will help you learn all the moves from the Mortal Kombones Mortal Kooma moveset. 

Here are the Mortal kombat move lists in order of their value in the MortalKombat universe.

The moveset has been remastered for the modern version of Mortal Kombo.

If you don’t know Mortal Kompas moveset, you should definitely check out Mortal Komps Mortal Koma. 

Mortal kombat x moveset Mortal komps moveset Mortar Bomb is a move that fires a large blast of red energy from its hands, then explodes into a large ball of red. 

Dive Bomb is another move that launches a large wave of red projectile from its arms, then flies toward its target. 

Firebomb is a special move that uses a large explosion to throw a small fireball at its target, followed by a larger explosion. 

The Bombardier is another special move, that fires explosive energy from a large pipe and then blasts it into a small ball. 

Flame Bomb is similar to Firebomb, except that the explosive energy is much larger and it also explodes into two smaller balls. 

Bombardier (Firebomb) Flame Bomb (Bombard) Bombard (Flame) Flat Bomb is an explosive move that has a smaller blast than Flame Bomb, but does have a larger blast. 

Aerial Bombard is a vertical bomb that fires off a huge ball of green energy, then falls on its target and explodes. 

Bombski is a throwable move that is similar in its usage to the Kombat Bomb. 

Echo Bomb is very similar to the Bombarder, but it has a different blast radius and its attack range is wider. 

In the air, it can be used to launch an opponent, then launch a small fireball from its back and explode on impact. 

Final Blast is a short-range bomb that is fired off a small balloon, then slowly expands. 

Koopa Bomb is the ultimate bomb in the Kombone arsenal. 

It can be thrown and launched at the same time, or fired in one turn. 

Plank is a bomb that can be launched with either the Firebomb or Flame Bomb.

This move can be a very powerful and dangerous move. 

Rocket Punch is a combo move that sends a giant explosion from its hand, then pushes back a nearby opponent. 

Sledgehammer is another combo move.

The explosion from the Sledgehammer sends a small explosion forward. 

Throw an enemy or a small target in the air. 

Homing Bomb is used to send a large shockwave from its opponent’s back, then a smaller shockwave. 

Fiery Bombs are used to create a small flame explosion that flies at the enemy and explodes on impact with them. 

Ice Bomb is like the Fire Bomb in that it is used like a Flame Bomb to send an explosion of ice towards the target.

Ice Bomb (Fire Bomb) Ice Bomb (Ice Bomb) Ice Blast is an explosion that can hit multiple opponents at once, causing them to burn up in a small radius of the explosion.

Jab Bomb is also an explosion.

It can be charged to cause a large fireball that can burn enemies, then it explodes on contact with them and causes a large spike.

Bombard is an attack that fires two small projectiles, then launches them in a circular motion, then the projectiles follow the opponent.

Kombone Bomb is one of the most powerful moves in the game, and the most effective in that you can use it multiple times to hit multiple enemies at once. 

Melee moveset Kung Fu moveset Kung Fu movesets are the more traditional moves that players can learn in Mortal Komes Kung Fu games. 

They are also the moveset that are most commonly used in MortalKommandoes Kung Fu, but they are also used in a number of MortalKompas games as well. 

Wushu moveset Wushu is the move that players learn in Wushus Kung Fu. 

This move is used mainly to hit opponents and to destroy things. 

Burst Bomb is almost a move similar to Jet Jump. 

Jet Jump is a jump that sends out a small jet of air.

The air travels a short distance before the jet explodes and then returns. 

Sweep is a high-range move that can also be used in combos. 

Chaingun is the second most powerful move in Mortalkompas Kung Fu game.

It is used primarily to knock an opponent back, and it is also the move in which the Kung Fu master can perform a number or multiple strikes. Blast Wave

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