It may seem like a lot of work, but you can do it.

Sonos has just released a new “Soundtrack Manager” app, which will let you create your own soundtracks for your Sonos speakers, which are already built into the device.

You can even upload your own songs.

The app is available now, but the creators of the software have confirmed that the process of creating your own tracks is rather simple.

“You can use Sonos to create soundtracks directly from your smart device, or import them into the Sonos Library, then import them back into your smart speaker via the SonoS Play Store,” the app’s description reads.

“Or you can import your own music from Sonos and play it through your SonoS speakers to create a new audio experience.”

There’s no word on whether the app is a free or paid upgrade.

SonOS is the most expensive smart speaker on the market, and the company’s recent acquisition of Beats Electronics is expected to help boost the price.

The company has already launched two apps for its speakers: “Sound Player” and “Sonos Sound Library”, which are both free.

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