Clinton will host a special fundraiser on Saturday to raise money for Puerto Ricans facing a $100 million humanitarian crisis, the campaign said Thursday.

The event will be hosted by Clinton’s former chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, and her chief of strategic communications, Joel Benenson, according to a campaign statement.

The event is expected to take place at the Plaza del Mar in San Juan.

Clinton’s team is expected at the event, which will be broadcast live on her campaign’s website.

It is the first time Clinton will make a fundraising push for Puerto Rican people affected by the hurricanes, which killed at least 18, according the Washington Post.

The Clinton campaign has also made efforts to reach out to people on the island in recent weeks, sending a letter from the White House to Puerto Rico asking for help from the U.S. territory, according a report by the Wall Street Journal.

The island, which has a population of about 11.3 million people, has a reputation for being a place of poverty and crime, but Clinton’s trip to the island, along with her former campaign chairman John Podesta’s trip last week to the U, will help her tap into the island’s growing political power.

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