Microsoft announced plans on Thursday to sell off its core video game studio, making way for new ventures.

It is also moving to make a series of games exclusively for the Xbox One and Windows 10 devices.

The move follows recent comments from Microsoft Chief Operating Officer Terry Myerson that the company is “looking to go forward and create a portfolio of video games for Xbox Live and Windows, as well as other platforms.”

In a conference call, Myerson also said Microsoft’s “first game for Xbox One will be a new entry from a developer that I am excited to work with on.”

Microsoft will also create a new business, and a “new IP for Windows,” according to a statement on the studio’s website.

“These new games will launch exclusively on Xbox One, Xbox Live, and Windows,” the statement said.

Microsoft will focus on making “new and exciting titles” for the next five years.

The studio will continue to make games on other platforms, but it will “move to a new IP for Xbox.”

The company did not say when or where it will start making its next-generation video games, but the company’s latest financial report revealed that its video games sales in the third quarter rose by 4 percent, or $14.7 million.

The company’s revenue from Xbox Live grew by 7 percent, which includes revenue from new and existing Xbox games.

Microsoft has also said that it will continue developing games for the Windows 10 platform.

But that doesn’t mean it will take on more Xbox games or make more games for it.

Microsoft also plans to develop a new mobile gaming platform called “Kinect Sports” for smartphones, but that hasn’t been announced.

A spokesperson for Microsoft declined to comment on the new Xbox games plans.

“We have a great portfolio of games and are continuing to focus on delivering the best games for all platforms,” said Myerson in a statement.

“This includes the new gaming platform, Kinect Sports, as we continue to deliver exciting new content.”

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