Movado, the popular Movado watch brand, has made moves to boost its brand following a $2.2 billion buyout in 2016.

The company’s brand portfolio has expanded, with an eye on the luxury market and a focus on the Americas, which Movado sees as its core audience.

The new Movado watches are aimed at a niche market that the company has historically focused on: the elite of the luxury watch world.

The brand recently unveiled a new model called the Movado Chrono Sport, a watch that retails for $1,400, and the company is also adding an all-digital watch to the line.

But it also sees a more broad appeal.

“Movado has always been a brand that’s a little bit of a mix of watches,” says Tim Daley, Movado’s director of brand and sales.

“But the thing is, Movada is a brand.

Movado is the brand.”

It’s also a brand with a lot of people, including a lot more money.

Movada was acquired by Apple Watch maker Apple for $3 billion last year.

The deal allowed Movado to buy more timepieces, including the Movia Timex Sport, which it’s now bringing to the US and Europe.

In addition to the new Movia, Movadog will also introduce a new, more affordable Movia Sport in the US, with a range of sizes.

It’ll retail for $800, and will come in either a watch-like or a watch with a case.

The Sport will come with a 3-hour battery and a heart rate monitor.

The watch is a bit smaller than its bigger siblings.

“There are definitely some big trends in the market right now, which we’re definitely excited about,” Daley says.

“It’s a smart, wearable timepiece.”

Movadogs watch lineup already includes the Mova and the Movadot, but Daley is also excited to bring more brands into the fold.

“We’ve been very lucky to have been able to have the luxury brands of Movado and Movadore as well as the more affordable brands that Movados watches and Movada watches come in,” he says.

The Movadores new watch is slated to go on sale in September.

Movadora’s move to the watch business was announced last month.

It was also announced that Movado would be acquiring the Movavit brand, which had been part of Movadota since 2011.

The move comes after a slew of watch brands have gone under the watch umbrella, including Rolex, Hermès, and Le Méridien.

It also comes after the acquisition of Movidog by a group of Chinese companies.

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