Queens Gamble moves up to $1,300 after buying 0.6 BTC of Bitcoin at a time.

The move, which occurred on Thursday, is the result of a recent decision by Queens-based digital currency exchange CEX.io to allow its clients to buy up to a $0.,6,050 (1,200 EUR) purchase of Bitcoin.

CEX.IO announced its plan to allow customers to buy and sell Bitcoin using CEX in August, and the move was announced last week.

Since the announcement, the company has made a number of moves to allow CEX to sell Bitcoin at prices below the $1.00 mark.

In an email sent to the Bitcoin price, CEX wrote: “The price is trading at $0.”

However, as we are currently at the beginning of the month and prices have only started to climb, we believe that CEX is now too late in making the move and that the Bitcoin market will likely fall below $0 during the coming months.

Although the move is a sign of confidence in the digital currency’s price, it does not necessarily indicate a positive development for CEX, as it could mean that other exchanges are now considering Bitcoin.

On Thursday, the price of Bitcoin was at $1120, but it has since dropped to $1142.

If CEX decides to move its client base from Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash, the digital asset could eventually rise above $1 million.

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