By John R.D. James | December 3, 2017 11:16am PST | The National Review’s Jason Brennan recently wrote an article entitled “The Reddit Ransom Threat.”

The article is titled “Reddit is the target of a $100 million ransomware attack.”

He goes on to say that Reddit is the victim of a major RansomPedia attack.

“Reddit is at risk of being the next victim of the Ransompedia Ransom.”

Brennan goes on with some details on the ransomware attack.

The article makes it sound like the ransomware attacks on Reddit and other online forums are related.

Reddit has been targeted by ransomware attacks before.

In April 2017, ransomware was able to infect the popular Reddit forum The r/DontHurtMe subreddit, which contained over 10 million posts.

The forum was able at the time to shut down its entire site and remove all posts from the site.

The Reddit forums were also shut down by the FBI in late August 2017.

In May 2017, The r /r/pics subreddit was hacked and over 1,500 files were stolen from its servers.

Bannan goes on at length about the possible threat of a large Ransom Pedia attack, claiming that “reddit has been hacked before.”

“A year ago, the Riddler ransomware hit the R.U.S. Treasury’s website and the r /Ransomware subreddit and then spread to other sites including r /pics and r /dota2.”

There is some truth to Brennan’s claims.

In June 2017, a ransomware attack hit the r/dota subreddit, causing over 600,000 users to lose their accounts.

Reddit’s r /Dota subreddit was also affected, though it was later revealed that the site was hacked by a Russian hacker who also took over the subreddit’s bot accounts.

A report by security firm Trend Micro claimed that in March 2017, over 2,500,000 user accounts on r/RansomPics were compromised.

The report said that the attack was also carried out by an unknown hacker.

The R.u.

S Treasury website was also compromised.

Trend Micro found that the hackers used an Adobe Flash plugin to steal data.

This malware attack was the largest ransomware attack to date on the r.u, r/r/dntm, r /mtv, r.i, r/.u/ and r/picks subreddit.

If you have a security or enterprise company, there is a chance that you have received emails or messages about the ransomware threat.

Some people are also concerned about the amount of money that ransomware has taken out.

According to Trend Micro, ransomware has been downloaded at a rate of over 500 million times.

That means that $100,000 is the figure that the FBI has estimated that the R-Pedia ransomware threat is capable of taking.

However, Brennan also claims that the “ransomware attack on Reddit is just the tip of the iceberg” and the threat is only going to grow.

Ransomeware attacks have become an increasingly prevalent problem.

Ransom ransomware attacks can be done remotely or with a physical copy of a computer.

The attackers will then encrypt the data they have taken.

If you lose your data or access to your computer, you can’t recover your data.


Pedia has been a problem for many years.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a popular online community of people interested in a wide variety of topics, with many being concerned with the news.

The subreddit has had an active discussion for months.

The subreddit was taken down by Reddit last month.

The community has become a breeding ground for malware.

Reddit is one of the most popular social networking sites on the web.

How is the Racket on Reddit?

In the article Brennan mentions the recent attack on

It has been reported that a hacker has taken over the accounts of more than 1,000 members on r /Pics.

The hack has been dubbed the Raccoon on Reddit.

Another Raccoontalk member, “Amber”, also has her own account, rrpics, which has been taken down as well.

The site has become an easy target for hackers.

Other users have posted screenshots of their computers that have been infected with the Roxx ransomware.

These images, taken from the infected computers, can be seen in the screenshot above.

Roxxfiler, another popular r/Pics forum, was also hacked last month, though the hack is still ongoing.

While some people are concerned about a large-scale ransomware attack, the fact that RansomRansom is taking place at all is not shocking.

The threat has been around for years and there have been many ransomware attacks.

There are many other RansomPoets on Reddit that have also

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