Sonos is moving to the next level of wireless connectivity, moving from its current “noise-canceling” model to the bluetooth standard.

Today, Sonos announced that it will switch from the “noisy, high-pitched” noise-cancel to a more quiet, more natural sounding “noiseshaker” mode.

The company said that “noisemaker” will allow users to “set the level of volume, the intensity, the volume of the sound, and the distance between the speaker and the listener.”

This new mode is more natural, but it’s also better for the environment, because it will prevent the use of unnecessary sound amplification.

When the company announced its move to the standard back in 2016, it promised to include an optional noise-isolating mode that could reduce “noising and noise-induced vibrations.”

Today, it sounds great.

When I tried to get into the “sonos-noise” mode on my Sonos One, it immediately shut off my Sono speakers and my Bluetooth headset.

As a result, I was unable to connect to Spotify or Google Home.

Sonos also says that “quiet noise” mode will be available in the future.

The move to a “noISE-cancing” model means that the Sonos Echo speaker, which was previously a wireless speaker, will be able to “cut out and fade out noise” for you.

Sonovision’s “no noise-reduction” feature will also be available for this new “noismaker” feature.

The Sonos company will also begin shipping the “Noise-reducing” Echo to “select customers” in the United States and Europe in the coming weeks.

Sonus’ “no sound reduction” feature is also coming to the Echo in 2018.

In its announcement, Sonus said that it plans to ship the “NOISE-reduced” Echo in the first half of 2018.

But it didn’t give any further details.

The “no soundshaker mode” is one of several new features Sonos has announced in the past week.

On Monday, Sono announced that the Echo’s speaker will be redesigned to “be as quiet as possible,” and will have a “narrow volume and bass range.”

The company also announced a new Bluetooth Smart app called Sonos Smart, which will allow you to control Sonos’ speakers and more.

Sono is also introducing a new Sonos app called “Sonos Music” in 2018, which is designed to stream audio from the Echo speaker directly to the Sonus app.

The app is designed for users who want to listen to their music while traveling or in public places.

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