The Biggest move of the year, according to the Big Move of The Year Awards, was the motion of a blender at Disney California Adventure Park in California.

The Big Move, which celebrated its 20th year this year, honored the best moves from around the world in order to be announced at the end of June.

The annual event honored moves by more than 4,000 actors and musicians, choreographers, writers, choreographed dancers, performers and others.

The moves were selected by The Big Move Team, a group of experts who work to find the best movements around the globe, including by comparing the speed of a real blender and other moving machines.

The finalists for the Big Moves of the Last 20 Years competition were:Dylan Moran, a Canadian choreographer who won Best New Artist, Best New Video, and Best New Direction for the motion at the Disney California Fantasyland in Anaheim, California.

He was also nominated for Best New Dance and Best Dance Performance.

He and his team worked hard to create the magic.

The winner was the French dancer-songwriter-actor-director, Mireille Sauter, who choreographed the moving of a replica of the famous Malleus Maleficarum in the Magic Kingdom.

The motion was made with a small blender that cost $30.

Sauter’s choreography was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Dance, as well as Best Direction and Best Original Score.

The winning dance is the only one not made with an actual blender.

Sauts choreographed another movement at Disneyland California Adventure park in Anaheim.

The moving of the puppet is choreographed with a blender.

He and his group won Best Dance and Dance Performance for the work.

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