The fight is on.

It’s time to move on.

 And it starts with the word ‘fight’.

When you hear ‘fight’, what do you think?

 The answer, of course, is ‘move on’.

 But you might have a different reaction to the word.

The term ‘fight’ is a bit different to ‘move’ and ‘move forward’.

When a fight starts, the opponent is supposed to fight back.

And that’s exactly what you’d expect if you were the aggressor, or the person that needs to move forward to win.

If you are a passive fighter, the idea is to fight off the attack.

This is the opposite of what we see in the real world.

We tend to look for the ‘fight’ kind of situation.

So why not use ‘fight’?

This word doesn’t have a good history in English, but it seems to be gaining ground.

In fact, there are two very good reasons for using the word in English.

Firstly, ‘fight-in-middle’ is more likely to get used in a fight than the word it is derived from, ‘move’.

Secondly, ‘fighting’ is the most popular word in sports.

When we talk about fighting, we’re often talking about boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, or whatever.

But in reality, it is the ‘movement’ that we’re most likely to be talking about.

It’s the part of the movement that the other person does or doesn’t do.

A fight can start with someone getting a knee to the head, or someone getting hit in the face, or a headlock thrown.

There are a lot of reasons why ‘move-on’ is preferred in sports than ‘fight’: It can be used as a substitute for a fight.

While some people are quick to point to ‘fight as a fight’ when they want to defend themselves, that’s not really the case.

They’re talking about fighting to make an opponent stop, or to get out of a position, or, perhaps, to stop an attack.

In a boxing match, it’s often a different situation altogether.

Instead of someone getting punched, the referee is called in.

No-one is hurt.

What’s more, the fight is much shorter and doesn’t take place on the ring.

As in the rest of life, the game of boxing is about moving forward, not moving backwards.

Nowadays, ‘moving forward’ is seen as the most desirable movement, but this is not the case for the word itself.

‘Fighting’ has become a more acceptable term, which may explain why people now prefer ‘fight or move’ when talking about the two movements.

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