New Scientist article In the last decade, the number of devices that can detect the location of a user has grown from just a few hundred to tens of thousands, making them a significant source of mobile device data.

The technology used to do so is called ‘Location Sensor’, and it’s been around for a few years now.

However, the technology has only recently become available to developers, and its a technology that could potentially be used to help improve the user experience on the Internet of Things (IoT). 

New Scientist spoke to scientists from Google, IBM, Qualcomm and Microsoft about the potential of location sensor technology to improve the quality of devices. 

“If you have a smartphone that can listen to the sound, or it can pick up the signal from the wall, it could do some things that would be a little more useful than, say, reading your text messages or reading your emails. 

The next step is to make that technology more available to other companies, like the device makers, to make it available to the consumer.

And we’re excited about that,” said John Schiller, senior vice president of product management at Google. 

Google is building a prototype of a Location Sensor for use in a smart home and a future version will be called ‘smartphone location’.

The company is also working on making the technology more portable to allow it to be used in a car, and is working with manufacturers on a future smart home solution. 

Microsoft, in a press release, said it is working on a new type of sensor that will help improve smartphone detection, and will eventually enable developers to use the technology in devices that already have it. 

In an interview with The Verge, Schiller explained that the company has worked closely with Google, Qualcomm, and Microsoft to bring this technology to market. 

Schiller added that the technology would allow device makers to design new smart home products that would automatically detect when a user is near them and respond accordingly. 

“[These sensors] are not going to be just one piece of a whole,” Schiller said.

“We can do something much more, we can put this information in the device that makes it better.” 

The idea of location sensors is very similar to the way the Internet is being used in real life.

The Internet of things is being built to provide a much richer set of data to help the world run more efficiently.

The device makers are working on software that will automatically detect and respond to the location information in an app, and that’s where the real power of location technology lies. 

Location sensors will be part of the next wave of IoT products from the major companies, and it seems like the technology could have a big impact on the way devices are used. 

Image credit: Google

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