Madrid has been searching for a new home for the daughter of a prominent businessman, and a move into the house of a well-known Spanish author has sparked outrage.

Madrid is planning to move the family of Daniela Crespo into the modest home she shares with her mother, Angelica, in the Spanish capital.

Crespo, 66, is the granddaughter of billionaire Carlos Crespa, who built a thriving entertainment industry in Madrid, and is one of the country’s most famous authors.

The family had been in a shared apartment with their son-in of eight years.

However, the couple’s daughter moved out in July, and Angelica is in her 40s.

The couple’s sons-in, Daniel and Rafael, have been on a search for a home for weeks.

Their daughter-inlaw, Lila, is in charge of the family’s publishing and publishing-related businesses.

She is also a board member of the Madrid regional association for literary houses, and runs the public library in the area where the family lives.

She has been in contact with the couple, and hopes to find a suitable home.

Lila Crespino said she had been told by Angelica that the move would not affect the family business, but she was still “surprised” to hear the news.

The family has a five-bedroom house in a high-end suburb in the Madrid area and are looking for a private residence.

They are considering several alternatives, she said.

“We are very concerned about the impact this news will have on the lives of Daniel and Lila,” said Crespio, who has been living in Spain for 40 years.

“It’s a small, private property and it’s in a nice neighborhood.

If it is taken away from them, it will be a huge blow for their work.”

The family had planned to celebrate her 60th birthday in May, but they decided to move into a house in the trendy area of Crespenos, where the Crespos have a large house with a pool, swimming pool, sauna, gym and tennis courts.

Cuellas family has lived in the neighborhood for generations, with their five-room house and pool, but it is the new move that has provoked the biggest reactions in Spain.

“The family have been looking for an appropriate place for their family for decades, and it was decided to go into a new house,” Crespi said.

“It was a very nice place, but the decision to move to a new place will be very bad for the family.”

She added that the couple have been “very respectful” of the wishes of the residents.

“I’m sure that Lila and Daniel will continue to work together,” Cresco said.

The decision to buy a house from the Crescos is a sign of how much the family is invested in Madrid.

It is the fourth time the family has bought a home, following two in 1995 and 2008.

Crespe, who is a director of Spanish publishing house El Pais, said the Creders had decided to spend the money on a house with more than 200 rooms, as opposed to their current apartment.

Cresco said they have never paid more than 30 euros ($37) for a house.

They also did not want to be “purchased” by a foreigner.

“They are very proud to be Spanish people,” she said, noting that they were not planning to become rich, but to work hard and support their family.

“This is not a new move for them, and they are happy to have a new space in Madrid.”

The Cressons have owned a number of properties in Madrid and have also owned several commercial buildings in the city.

They have also been active in the film industry, as well as other industries, such as construction, construction materials and farming.

“When they bought the house, we knew it would be the first in Madrid,” Crenca said.

She added, “We didn’t think that this would be so much a change in lifestyle, and we have always had the house.”

She said they had been aware of the controversy surrounding the move, but were happy for Angelica and Daniel to live in the new home.

“There will be some changes, but we are happy for them,” she added.

The move has been condemned by some residents in Madrid who are unhappy that they will be the only family to stay in a house that is not theirs.

“If the Cexos move into our neighborhood, then we will be able to stay, and if they move to another house, they will have to leave,” said Josefina Pilar Ruiz, a member of Madrid’s city council.

The Crespons, who live in a five bedroom house in an upscale neighborhood, have long been involved in a number the community organizations,

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