Move controllers have been sold out for the past two weeks at retailers around the world, but a handful of them remain available to buy online for about $99.

Sony’s move controller is a PlayStation Move, a wireless-based motion-tracking device that allows players to move the camera around the room, shoot video, and interact with other users.

The company has not announced a release date for the new controller.

The Move is available in two versions: one that connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth, and another that is built into the PlayStation 3 console itself.

The Bluetooth version works with most smartphones and has an included headset, while the headset version only works with the Sony PlayStation 3.

In the past, you could buy the Move controllers for $199 on Amazon or $299 on eBay.

Now they’re selling for about half that price.

The PlayStation Move is a new wireless-connected controller that Sony says can work with almost all smartphones and tablets, including Apple’s iPhone, Samsung’s Galaxy S3, and the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Note 3.

But it’s also compatible with most older phones like the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy Note II.

The move controller doesn’t have any physical buttons or anything built into it.

Instead, it’s an app that connects directly to your phone, allowing you to move your controller around the home screen, open games, or perform other functions.

It works by using a Bluetooth-enabled controller to wirelessly communicate with your phone.

The controller can also send video and audio data to a Bluetooth speaker, and you can connect it to a PS4.

The app can even sync up with other apps on your phone’s operating system.

The controllers come in two colors, but there’s also an optional black version available.

Some of the controllers also come with a battery.

The PS4 version of the Move Controller costs $99, and it can be purchased through the PlayStation Store.

The black version is $99 at Amazon and the blue version is available for $99 through eBay.

Sony is releasing a new app called PS Move Connect that will let you track your moves with your PS4’s motion sensors.

The new app is currently only available in the United States.

You can also buy a controller directly from Sony for $179, or you can download it for free from the PlayStation 4’s PlayStation Store website.

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