A day after an Amishes family was murdered in their barn, a judge ordered them out of their homes, but they were able to stay on their property and continue to live off the land.

The family was relocated to a trailer park in the state of Iowa.

The judge ordered the family out of the barn on Monday and told them to return to their trailer to be inspected.

“I have a lot of compassion for this family,” said Judge Tom O’Brien, who is overseeing the Amish case.

“They don’t want to go anywhere else.

They have no other choice.”

The Amish are known for their traditional farming lifestyle and are known as the “breadbasket” of the Midwest.

They are a people that don’t just feed themselves; they feed others.

O’Connor told the judge that they were given the option to remain in their trailers, which are built in the woods, or move to another farm in Iowa.

They chose to stay in the trailer and are not allowed to move from their land.

“It is in the best interest of the community for this to happen, and it will,” O’Donnell said.

The Amishes live in close proximity to the Iowa state line, but the move is being watched closely by the state.

The move came after the Amishes were accused of stealing cattle from an animal shelter and moving it to a dairy farm in nearby Burdick, Iowa, in 2016.

Ojeda and his wife are not the only ones who have been threatened.

Amish residents said they are receiving death threats.

“My son has been called a whore and a liar.

We have been told he will die,” said Ojedda.

I have no choice.” “

If we have to move, I am leaving.

I have no choice.”

Ojaidas daughter, who was living with the family in Iowa, told WOWT 6 that she is afraid the family will be moved to a new trailer park.

“Amish are very conservative, and if we have the opportunity to live with them, we would love to live here,” said Amish farmer Brian Ojeden.

“But they don’t understand the law and we don’t know how long this will last.”

The judge also said he is ordering the Amies to stay out of a neighboring ranch, which is also owned by the Amis.

The ranch was built by the family and is also known as “the house” or “the barn.”

The trailer park is owned by a man named Kevin Ojedsons son, Kevin Ojeld.

Kevin OJeld has been charged with felony murder and conspiracy to commit felony murder, according to a news release from Iowa authorities.

The indictment says Kevin Ojild told investigators that the Amics are not Amish, but that he would kill them if they were to live near his ranch.

He was arrested last week after his daughter said she found her father’s dead body in the back of his pickup truck.

A judge ordered Kevin Ojold to be held without bail.

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