Japanese fighter Katsuhiro “Katsuhiro” Yamaguchi will take on former world champion Tetsuya Naito at the new “Kaiju Fighting” event in Osaka on April 25, according to an announcement by the Osaka Municipal Government.

Yamaguchizawa will be the first fighter to be promoted by the newly-formed “Kakusouken,” or “Kanji” Fighting Fighting Association, the Government said.

“I’ve never trained in the karate style, so I was nervous,” Yamaguzawa told the Japan Times on Monday.

“But when I saw the training video, I knew I was ready.”

“I wanted to prove that I am more than just a fighter,” he added.

“And I’ve done that.

I have a very good sense of style.”

The event will feature a series of fights, and there will be no prelims.

Yamago’s fight with Naito will be televised live on Japan’s television networks.

“Karate moves are very complex and it’s hard to see exactly what is happening,” Yamago said.

Yamazaki, who is 6-2 with 18 KOs, will defend his belt against former world champions Naito and Masakatsu Itou, who has a record of 8-0.

It is the first time an American has ever defended a title in Japan.

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