Movado Ladies watches, smartwatches,and accessories are more affordable than many people realize.

But they’re also getting better and more customizable.

That’s according to Movado analyst Michael Apted.

In his latest report, Apty said that Movado’s smartwars, like the $500 Movado iWatch and $700 Movado S6 , are still a lot more expensive than the $200 smartwatch and $300 smartwatch from Apple, and the $300 Movado Classic , even if it includes the new iWatch.

For example, the $700, $600 and $450 Movado Mens watches all have Apple-branded hardware and software.

But the $600 Movado Women watches have an integrated Apple Watch app.

And the $450 Mens smartwatch, which has a cheaper price tag of $300, has an iPhone app for $300.

In Apting’s report, he noted that Movados iWatch, which is currently on sale for $1,699, costs $549 more than the iWatch Pro , the $749 smartwatch that debuted at the CES event last month.

The Movado Smartwars are also a lot cheaper than other smartwares on the market.

Apter points to a $150 Movado smartwatch as the “baseline price” for a $1 smartwatch.

That’s cheaper than the Moto 360 Sport, $499 Smartwatch, $799 Moto 360, and $1,-1,399 Samsung Smartwatch 2.

The $150 Moto 360 and $499 Samsung Smartwares are $250 each, and they come with a $100 credit toward the purchase of a new smartwatch (that’s the $100 Smartwatch Plus credit).

But the Moto 3 is $499, and it also comes with the $99 Smartwatch 3 credit.

That $150 Smartwatch 4 is $299, and its $99 credit is available to anyone who buys it.

In addition to the $50 Movado, Movado has a $75 credit toward a $2,500 Smartwatch Pro , and that’s the credit you can use toward a Smartwatch Classic and Smartwatch S.

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