If you were the victim or suspect of a violent or abusive power move, it could be a warning to call 911 and not leave the scene.

But what if it’s not a threat?

Or if you just want to avoid confrontation?

Power moves are the latest in a long list of violent crimes that have occurred in the U.S. and Canada in recent years, with reports of crimes ranging from sexual assault to murder.

Many crimes involving the power move have been solved, but the crime is still happening and police continue to work with the public to make sure they do not happen again.

Power moves can be extremely difficult to stop, and many victims of such incidents do not have the resources to make a successful arrest.

For that reason, some victims do not even know they have been the victim until they are approached by the police.

If you or someone you know has been the target of a Power Move, you may want to take action to stop the incident from happening.

Below is a list of things to do and remember if you have been a victim or are the suspect of one.

Power Moves can cause physical harmIf you are hurt, have an injury, or are otherwise injured, call 911 or contact the local police department.

If you are not physically hurt, there is no way to know if you or your loved one is the victim.

A person or persons will try to use or threaten to use violence to make you leave your home, work or school, or to intimidate you.

Police officers may not be able to intervene because the situation may be so volatile and dangerous that they will be unable to intervene in time to save you or anyone else.

Police can also stop a person from fleeing if they are not in danger or unable to flee.

Power Moves may cause harm to propertyPower Moves often cause damage to property, such as broken glass, damage to furniture, and damage to walls and other structures.

If your home or other property is damaged, there may be a higher likelihood of you and your loved ones being victims of a property damage incident.

If you have an accident that causes property damage, you should call 911.

If an accident has been caused by a power movement, you will need to get medical attention.

If there is a crime in progress, call the local law enforcement agency for help.

If the crime has been stopped and there is evidence that you were a victim, you and the police should get a physical or medical report from the victim, and the victim should be notified of the crime scene.

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