PS3 gamers will get a new move controller that will allow them to move their characters in different ways with a tilt, a move that the company’s Kinect team said would be a “game changer” in its attempt to create a next-generation version of the motion-controlled game console.

The company has been working on a successor to the Kinect, known as the Kinect 2, for some time.

While the company hasn’t announced a new version yet, Xbox boss Phil Spencer told CNBC that he believes the new move control could be used in “something like Halo or Call of Duty.”

Spencer said the move controller would likely be able to “turn” players around by manipulating their arms.

That would mean that people with a good grip could move their limbs in a way that could create a new kind of 360-degree gameplay experience that would feel “super-realistic.”

The move controller is also designed to work with Xbox 360 controllers that come with sensors that allow the controllers to read the positions of the hands in a player’s body.

Microsoft hasn’t yet announced pricing for the new Kinect, but the company has already hinted that it will sell it at a cost of $99.

It’s unclear when the Kinect will become available for purchase, but Spencer hinted that a price point could be revealed in the next few weeks.

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