Flex, a new smartphone app that helps users “move” their phones without having to bend them, will debut on the App Store on March 18.

The new app, which was built by a team of former Apple engineers and will be free for one month, features two new features that make moving devices more convenient.

Users can use their smartphone to move their phone to an object on a wall, and they can “tap” to move the object by dragging it around, allowing them to place objects in different orientations.

“When you tap an object, you can drag it to the appropriate location and you can tap it again to move it,” the app’s description reads.

“If you need to rotate the object to the desired position, you tap the same object again to bring it into alignment.

The app will automatically rotate the entire object if you’re holding the object in the correct position.”

This is especially useful for people with wrist injuries or arthritis, who can’t bend their wrists enough to place a phone where they want it.

Users will also be able to move items by simply moving their fingers, something that’s not possible in other apps like the iPhone app or the Google Drive app.

“I wanted to make sure that people would be able, like, move their iPhones without having their wrists injured or their joints damaged,” said co-founder and CEO Michael Lacy.

“So the app will let you move objects without having them get twisted or damaged.”

Flex has already been downloaded more than 500,000 times on the iPhone App Store, and Lacy said he expects to see “millions” of downloads on other platforms soon.

Flex was created by a former Apple engineer, Michael Lacey, and was designed to allow users to “move objects without bending their wrists or joints.”

The company’s co-founders have since retired.

The Flex app has a lot of similarities to the iPhone’s Camera app, and has been used to share photos of pets with family members.

But in a way, the new Flex app is a hybrid of both, offering a simpler user interface and features like snapping photos with your phone’s camera and tilting objects with your finger.

Flex is being built by an Apple engineer who formerly worked at Google.

The two companies previously worked on the Google Play Store app for a number of years, and recently started working together again.

The company is also planning to roll out Flex on other Android devices.

“We’re building Flex on a large scale,” said Lacy, who plans to launch the app on March 20.

“Flex is a product that’s really focused on making phones less expensive, more customizable, and making it easy for people to use their phones.”

The Flex team plans to release more than 100 more features for the app in the coming weeks, including an expanded app store, improved app design, and an improved design that helps people adjust their phone’s orientation in order to better fit with the wall.

It will be interesting to see how many of those features are actually in the app.

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