With the NBA playoffs drawing to a close, players are getting to the point where the game is about to get very competitive.

In the latest episode of the podcast, I’m joined by former NBA player and current ESPN analyst Dan Dakich to discuss some of the moves players have been using to help them get in the game during the playoffs.

In this episode of The Move Bubble, Dakich and I discuss some moves players are using to keep themselves in the NBA game during a difficult playoff stretch.

The Move bubble is the most sought after on-court strategy of all time.

You can find out how to make this move right here.

Dan is a former NBA star who now plays in the college ranks.

He has an MBA from Stanford University and he is a founding partner at Dakich Basketball Advisors.

You may know him from his time with the Chicago Bulls, Chicago Bulls Network, ESPN and other media.

Dan also is the co-founder and president of the Dakich Sports Media Network, which produces the weekly podcast, The Move, which features the latest moves from NBA players.

Dan and I have a ton of fun discussing the moves that players are doing to keep them in the league during this playoff stretch as well as some moves that might seem simple but are actually quite difficult to pull off.

Dan joins me in this episode to discuss the moves he’s used to make during the NBA Playoffs, as well.

If you enjoy the show, please subscribe to the podcast and rate and review the podcast on iTunes.

Dan’s Move Bubble episode will air on ESPN 2K16 and on ESPN Insider later this year.

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