WWE is reportedly looking to get on YouTube as the next destination for its content, but not just because the company needs to get out there to connect with its fans.

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that WWE has already begun moving its content from WWE Network to YouTube as part of a strategy to make sure its wrestling content can be seen by a larger audience.

The company wants to make its own content available to YouTube subscribers, and while WWE Network has a dedicated section for its wrestling videos, the network hasn’t yet been able to bring WWE content to the streaming platform.

That’s because YouTube doesn’t allow its platform to host content that’s not owned by WWE, and that includes video clips.

The WWE Network also doesn’t support offline viewing, meaning its videos can’t be watched on computers, tablets, or mobile devices.

The WWE Network will eventually have a dedicated app, but that will only be available to users who subscribe to the network.

The plan is to start by making its own video content available on YouTube.

The goal is to make videos for WWE, but the WWE Network’s videos would also likely be suitable for the app.

As a result, WWE could be making more money than it would if it created its own channel and uploaded the content itself.

But there are also financial benefits for the WWE.

By making its videos available on WWE Network, it would also be able to sell the content to its fans at a discount.

That could mean the WWE would get a bigger slice of the ad revenue for its videos.

There’s also the possibility that WWE could use YouTube to create new content, like new live events and pay-per-views.

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