In the days following the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the movement to end segregation, and the fight for civil rights, doctors began to take on the role of the next generation of activists.

Now, many doctors have begun to use their positions to fight for equality and equality for all, according to the National Organization for Women.

Dr. Steven DeMello is a pediatric endocrinologist at the University of Louisville School of Medicine.

He and his wife, Dr. Susan DeMellos, were the first to be granted permission to practice in the United States.

They were also the first doctors to be allowed to do so in the South.

“The black community has always been a little bit of a second class citizen,” Dr. DeMelleros said.

“But it wasn’t until I got to this point that I began to realize that we were the second class citizens, and we should be more than that.”

Dr. DeSoto said he feels he was blessed to get to this place after his grandmother, Drs.

Susan and Albert, were murdered by a white supremacist.

“It was a horrible thing to do, but we had to do it,” he said.

He is also a longtime activist for LGBT rights and has become a mentor for other doctors.

“I’ve seen some very good doctors who are willing to stand up for their patients, and I see a lot of good doctors today who are not so willing to do that.”

One doctor who has used his position to fight discrimination, and advocate for racial justice, is Dr. Jeffrey M. Boudreau, a physician and a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Boutreaux, who has worked in public health for years, has worked with LGBT patients and advocates for transgender rights.

“We’re all human beings and we have a right to be treated fairly, with dignity and respect,” he told ABC News.

“You can’t just sit around and not fight for what’s right.

It is not a right.”

Dr Boudres says it’s important to be aware of discrimination, but it’s even more important to act against it.

“When you talk about equality, you need to think about it as the opportunity for us to work for equality.

If we can work together to fight to have equality, then we have an opportunity to really make the world a better place,” he explained.

Burdreau, who is also president of the American Medical Association, also sees himself as a leader.

“My main goal is to make sure that we’re doing the right thing for the health of the whole body, not just for my patients,” he says.

For Burdres, fighting for equality is not just about doctors, but also for all people.

“Being a leader is a big part of who I am,” he noted.

“People will be happy to see me say, ‘I’m gay and I’m proud of it.’ “

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