On Friday, AMC’s The Walking Deceivers, a drama based on the bestselling comic book series by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples, was renewed for Season 6. 

It was one of the more divisive shows to air this year, largely because of the show’s tendency to veer toward horror tropes, and its focus on a young woman who was kidnapped by a cult after she accidentally killed a man in her care. 

I have a theory about why it’s difficult to watch the show.

A lot of the series’ biggest moments and most heartwarming moments came when the characters dealt with something beyond their control, or when the stakes were higher than usual. 

As a result, The Walking deceivers had to take a lot of risks and have its most powerful moments played out for the first time, without being fully explored.

While The Walking DEAD was the first drama to air in a post-Civil War era, it’s no surprise that the genre’s tropes and tropes are still around, and they’re often applied in a slightly different way.

For example, in the first season, we saw a lot more violence than in most other shows.

But that was a result of the writers’ attempt to create a dark, gritty world where people can’t hide from violence.

In the second season, the show focused on a woman who is kidnapped by cult members after her death, and the rest of the cast and crew were trying to make sure that the characters’ emotions were as strong as possible.

The show never had any kind of strong female lead or strong female antagonist, but its focus was still on the characters and the world around them, so there were definitely some interesting and moving moments.

And in the third season, they showed that the survivors are not immune to the elements.

This is a show that has a lot going for it, and it had a lot to work with, but the cast was still trying to push the boundaries of what it could do.

This time, they decided to put a lot less of their focus on violence and more on the emotions that come with a lot loss.

Instead of being told that the person they love will die, the characters will be trying to find ways to make it better, and finding the best ways to handle the loss will become a central theme.

And there were some really moving moments, too.

The main character’s emotional struggles are handled with a grace that feels very natural.

The writing is very clever and poetic, and there’s a lot in there for the audience to absorb.

I really love the way that the show has grown from the second year to the third.

But it’s still a very tough show to watch.

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